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Our Benefits


  • Early warning system with visual identification of the threat.
  • As most farmers have their live stock sleeping close to home with alarms, our system and control room operators now works for the farmer by alerting farm watch, neighbor’s, police ext. as they are telephonically talking to the farmer and POSITIVELY Identify the threat and are monitoring the threat. No more go out and see for yourself what is waiting on the outside!
  • Monitoring of fuel usage.
  • Securing your perimeter and with this creating a save zone to move around in and into coming from outside!
  • Always know what is on the other side of the fence or building.
  • Monitoring of tractors and trucks moving from your farm or coming back. Creating a save overnight parking zone!
  • The only company in South Africa that uses Scan 360 Radar technology for perimeter protection on farms. The most cost effective way to monitor and cover 125 000 square meter.

These are just some of the benefits!


And answers

What we have to offer?
SITE GUARD offers a complete camera solution with a focus on covering large areas with as few cameras as possible. One could say that we sell robot guards or guardians – just a little smarter. With smart cameras connected to an alarm centre we can guard multiple buildings, facilities and schools at the same time – at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional guard services. Both smarter and better, we think. Our cameras never leave the area.
What is unique?
Traditional types of camera systems generate a lot of false alarms when used outdoors. Weather, wind and varying lighting makes it difficult to distinguish between different types of movements. With the system from SITE GUARD you as a customer are guaranteed not to get any false call-outs for things that you do not want to raise the alarm on, such as animals, branches, plastic bags and storms. We are the only supplier of outdoor camera surveillance that ensure ZERO false call-outs. Our system creates unique alarm zones with different instructions on one or more cameras. An alarm report received in your mailbox or a soft copy on your customer portal within minutes.
Do we guarantee the weather too?
It may sound a little strange, but the fact that we ensure that we do not turn off the system regardless of the weather is unique in the market. Other CCTV Surveillance companies stipulate in their contracts that the systems can be shut down for storms and other conditions that are triggering too much alarm. Our movement detection is unique in that it never shuts down – whatever the weather.
What do you buy from SITE GUARD?
From us you buy the complete service, this includes:

  • Our proprietary software for intelligent monitoring linked to the alarm centre.
  • Continuous operation and monitoring of the entire system.
  • Installation and ongoing service.
  • We ensure all the cameras and other components are working & running – at a fixed monthly cost.
As a customer - What do you get?
As a customer of SITE GUARD, you get a user-friendly, extremely reliable and scalable protection operation that is monitored continuously. You get a guarantee against false call-outs, functional guarantee, service guarantee and even weather guarantee.

  • You get an open system – hardware-independent software that integrates with the free emergency call centres, control centres, security guard services and end users.
  • Hardware malfunction notification.
  • Pre-loaded weekly activation schedule. (Automatic system activation).
  • Free update and upgrades of the software.
  • Early warning system, no need to wait until the intruder are inside the building for the traditional alarm to sound.
  • Free alarm reports.
  • You get a secure system that, among other things, cloud based storage with secure access via the web and mobile app.

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SITE GUARD brings international security experience from areas such as the Middle East, UK and more to offer the South African public this unique security surveillance solution.

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